Plano KVD Designed Speedbags™ and Signature Series Bags

Grand Prairie, TX (April 15, 2020) Kevin Van Dam didn't get to the pinnacle of the bass fishing world by being disorganized. Quite the contrary! KVD is known for being meticulous and thorough, almost obsessed with everything he does when it relates to bass fishing, but especially tackle storage. The thought and attention KVD put into designing the Plano KVD Series Wormfile Speedbags™ and Signature Series Bags gives you a glimpse as to why KVD is the world's most successful competitive angler.

Pictured above: KVD Wormfile Speedbag™ Plastics have always been a pain to store. There are no uniform bag sizes between manufacturers, and the explosion in clam packaging has complicated storage options even more. The Plano KVD Series Wormfile Speedbags™simplifies plastic storage. The patented fold-down feature of the Wormfile Speedbag™provides easy access. The Wormfile Speedbag™ folds along a threaded line to expose the wide interior, and the bright red interior color of the bag provides contrast and improves visibility in low light situations. A TPE coating surrounding the bag ensures water-resistant protection. Sturdy side-carry handles facilitate easy transport.

  • Patented fold-down, easy-access bag

  • Fold along threaded line to reveal wide interior

  • TPE coating surrounds bag with water-resistant protection

  • Bright red interior improves visibility in low light

  • Side carry handle for easy transport

The Wormfile Speedbags™ are available in two sizes: Model PLAB11700 Capacity- 20 magnum bags Dimensions- 9.5"L x 4.5"W x 6.25"H Model PLAB 12700 Capacity- 40 bags Dimensions-14"L x 4.5"W x 5.5"H Plano's KVD Signature Series Tackle Bag appeals to the angler who wants to head out the door for a day of fishing and know that he has everything he needs. The bag-style tackle storage system comes with four StowAway® boxes and is capable to hold up to six StowAway® boxes that are perfect for hard baits. One StowAway® is secured to the top of the bag by an elastic bungee for quick, easy

Pictured above: KVD Signature 3700 Tackle Bag access. The waterproof base has elevated, rubberized feet that keep the bag high and dry. The Utili-Tackle™ rail system includes 34 accessory attachment points plus tie-down slots, and MOLLE attachment points offer additional storage. A perfectly sized water resistant pocket safely stores a wallet or cell phone. The large Plano KVD Series Signature Tackle Bag has a mesh back pocket and compartmentalized front pocket for flexible storage of all your fishing tackle.

  • Molded top holds one StowAway® secured by elastic bungee

  • TPE coating surrounds bag with water-resistant protection

  • Utili-Tackle Rail™ System includes 34 accessory attachment points, plus tie-down slots

  • Waterproof base with elevated rubber feet

  • MOLLE attachment points offer additional storage options

  • Water-resistant pocket specially sized for cell phone, wallet

  • Hook and loop plier holder

  • Bright red interior improves visibility in low light

  • Large mesh back pocket and compartmentalized front pocket

KVD Signature Series Bags are available in two sizes: Model PLAB37700 3700 Series Dimensions- 19"L x 11"W x 10.50"H Model PLABB 12700 3600 Series Dimensions-14.5"L x 10"W x 11"H For more information, visit

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